What Is Our Mission?

Over the past 15 years, DanceSport Team has organized multiple projects Online and Offline with the only purpose of empower dancers and dance teachers to achieve their goals on their DanceSport Journey.

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DanceSport Team's Courses

DanceSport Team LAB:

The First Dance Laboratory For Choreographic Development in the World

Inside you will receive a specific training for choreographic development, giving you high level advanced variations and a basic development at the same time.

We take famous effects that are often used and appreciated. Then we analyze them, and see from which basic steps they are coming. 

After that, Valeri explains the technique of the original step and Pietro, Frederic and Angelo show those interesting possible variations.


Coming Soon...

In DanceSport Team Coffee we interview some of the most well known people of our Dance World.

We cover everything from World Champions to Important Coaches/Teachers to Important Positions of WDSF.


Mr. Roberto Albanese
Nick Dieckmann
Diana Starnets

Abraham Martinez

Dimitry Zharkov

DanceSport Team's Events

Master Evolution Training Camp:

Let us help you design your Road-Map to your Dance Success

Charge your batteries, and take advantage of the moment to change the game and when the competitions return, everyone will see how much you have improved.

If you want to be a champion, you must think like a champion and take advantage of all the moments that life presents to you to be better.

Remember that the fastest way to improve is to have a group of experts on your side.
For this reason we have gathered this team of teachers to serve you and help you on your way to achieve new goals. 



Let Us Coach You to your Successful Career In Partnership With Your Teachers

Our Platinum Services help you create a plan that take you to your particular goal in DanceSport, and also to implement that plan with daily feedback.
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