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How To Develop The Basic Principles Of The Technique Book And, Turn Them Into A Competitive Dance Of The Highest Level Without Losing The Character And Fundamentals Along The Way ...
Hey,  my name is Valeri Ivanov and I am locked up more than 60 DAYS in my house because of the COVID 19. At this time, like many other teachers, I have started to teach online and probably because we as teachers are not able to correct our students by touching them physically we work more on some basic principles and techniques.
What a SURPRISE when we saw that even our best students do NOT know some important foundations of the dances that are well known and that the teachers take for granted.

Time value of different steps, leg or body actions, foot positions, and alignments, in addition to some fundamental principles, which must be part of the knowledge of every good dancer as they are based on anatomy and basic principles of coordination.
I had a meeting with my colleagues from DS Team and I saw that we all have experienced the same feeling, so we wanted to find a way to help our students to improve in this regard.
Bill Irvine: Never Forget The Principles. Fashions Come And Go, But The Principles Of The Human Anatomy Don't Change ...
Many people think that basic technique is something that does not matter, that it is boring and outdated, but time and time again we find that the best dancers in the world are those who best understand the basic principles of the movement and how to use them to create spectacular actions.

So we realized that it is not only important to know the fundamental principles of movement, but also to explore the evolutions of these principles towards a much more spectacular and dynamic movement.
WDSF books are one of the most important evolutions in the last 40 years

First comes the movement and then the technique book. In this sense, the books will always go behind what happens on the dance floor, but they have to help us to transmit all the knowledge and make it available to the rest of the dancers and to the next generations.

It is part of the evolution, today's dancers are better because they do not have to rediscover what their teachers lost YEARS understanding and discovering. They have it ready to learn. But this knowledge that is transmitted from teacher to student should not be lost and for this reason, WDSF created the new technique books.
The original books talk about what to do, but not how to do it.
But this has changed in the new books. Now we have much more information about the basic principles of movement. WDSF has done an important job in defining all the actions and concepts we use.

However, many dancers do not understand how to relate the basic concepts and apply them in their routines and movements.
You Can Not Change What You Don't Know ...

For this reason, we have created a class that also includes not only basic knowledge but also its evolution towards a much more advanced dance.

If you enroll in our course you will learn:

  • The history of our dance style
  • Basic concepts and technical definitions of the Standard and Latin Technique
  • All basic figures with all technical components included.
  • The possible evolutions to turn them into figures for a high-level dancer.
  • Evolutions in the use of music, space, energy, and the movement of different body parts.
  • Questions and answers at the end of each class
  • Recordings from all lessons
  • Preparation of the compulsory choreography for the WDSF technical skills exam.
  • Tests in each class to check your knowledge and assess possible faults.

From Basic To The TOP
A preparation of this type can cost around 100 euros per private lesson and usually lasts for a minimum of 20 weeks.

This is a minimum of 2000 euros and here we only include work with the book.

If we include the work of developing the principles and helping you as a dancer, but also as a teacher of how to use the principles to advance level, the price shoots up to at least 6000 € since you will have some of the best professionals summarizing their analysis and discoveries of years and years of working with the best dancers of the world.

"If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants" Isaac Newton
To help you see more and be able to continue developing the dancesport, we have prepared this course that includes everything you need to know from the basics to the advanced principles.

And if you register now you will have a special price of only 37 EUROS PER SESSION.

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