6 & 7 of March 2021 - Get The Feeling Of Dancing For An Audience Again

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Virtual Match Analysis

Put On Your Best Dress, Get Some Make Up And Grease... 
And Let's Dance Baby!

Only 70, 51, 37, 23, 10, 8,Spots Available

Exactly What You're Getting

Don't you miss this?!

Let's be honest, WE ALL miss the competitions.

And not just the fact of competing, we are getting a bit tired of dancing for no one else more than us in the mirror...

That's why we are making the HIT THE TARGET Online Match Analysis!

Here's exactly what's going to happen, we will be streaming all day long the match analysis on DanceSport Team's Facebook Page.

You would send us your videos and then we will stream them LIVE for the audience and for the Experts.

Like that you will get again the feeling of dancing for an audience, plus, a great feedback from some of the best specialists of our industry.

Particular Reports From Specialists like:

Valdis Skutans

Elena Gozun

George Tan

Petr Horacek

Tatsiana Lahvinovich

Marc Couderc

And Confirming more Experts soon...

This Is For EVERYONE Competing in DanceSport!

Doesn't matter if you are Juvenile, Junior, Youth, Adult or Senior.

This is an experience that you Don't Want To Miss!

We all enjoy that adrenaline when we compete and we all take advantage from external feedback, this is why this Match Analysis is open for EVERYBODY.

We Will Hand You Your Analysis Completely Privately

  •  Five Technique Elements
  • Average Score For Each Dance
  •  Personal Score For Each Element Of The Dancing
  • ​Stats And Data Graph For Each Dance's Performance
  • ​Comparison With The Average Score From All The Participants Of The Same Age Group


Four Tango Exercises to take your actions to the next level 

by Alexander Melnikov 

64 ways of doing the same step.

Tatsiana Lahvinovich

Let's Recap!

  •  Participation in HIT THE TARGET Online Match Analysis    ( 47€ VALUE)
  • ​High-Value Reports from 8 Reputable Experts    ( 86€ VALUE)
  •  BONUS: Four Tango Exercises to take your actions to the next level by Alexander Melnikov    ( 97€ VALUE)
  • ​ BONUS: The 64 different ways of doing the same step by Tatsiana Lahvinovich    ( 97€ VALUE)


TODAY: 23.5€

(47€ per couple)

No tricks - no monthly charge or anything... just a way to get some Competition Feeling.
HOWEVER... price will increase 42% when the timer hits ZERO.

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